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Lakka. Retro-gaming distro based on OpenELEC

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Lakka: Retro-gaming distro based on OpenELEC


Interesting this distro found in the Banana Pi forums and although provides experimental support, for Raspberry Pi is complete and quite stable.

But what have this distro that don't offer others like RetroPie or PiPlay?. Jump to the post and see!...

As mentioned, the author has taken the OpenELEC core, get rid of Media Center features and created an elegant menu like PS3 as you can see in the video above.

It's based on RetroArch and we can play emulators like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis or PSX among others, but the developer promises a fast system with the following features:

  • Based on RetroArch and OpenELEC

  • 85 Mb Distro with read-only access

  • Update system not based on package, but on the whole file system and kernel.

  • Open source

  • Friendly menu

  • Rewind, hotplug hoypad, video streaming, screenshot, pause games, save states,...

The team is currently debugging the front-end and not just be available for the Pi but will support Banana Pi, Cubix-i or Cubietruck among others.

You can try stable version, but also provided daily versions for different devices on the link leave at the end of the post.

[ Test Log]

  • I have tested a development version you can download hereopen in new window.

  • Overclock to High but It will work fine without modidy this parameter in the config.txt

  • On first boot, resizing SD to its maximum capacity.

  • It takes about 13 seconds to boot.

  • The menu run smoothly.

  • Comes with SSH enabled by default (root@root).

  • Added to config.txt, hdmi_drive = 2 to get audio through the HDMI port.

  • To copy ROMS it uses Samba, so you'll have to use another computer on the network. I have copied all without subdirectories and the menu show us sorted by the extension (.nes roms appears below the Nintendo menu, etc...)

  • I connected a wired XBox-360 control pad and It recognized in just 2 seconds.

  • Tested and working perfectly: FBA (Cadillac & Dinnosaurs), SNES (Kirby Superstar with craps sounds but this game is heavyweights. Super Mario Bros work perfectly), Genesis (Sonic 3), NES (Super Mario Bros 3).


Link: lakka.tvopen in new window

Link: > lakkatvyouopen in new window

FAQ: > FAQopen in new window

Nightly builds: sources.lakka.tvopen in new window