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Top Operating Systems with img updated recently (Nov, 2014)

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Top Operating Systems with img updated recently (Nov, 2014)


It seems like yesterday and it's been six months since this compilation of operating systems. I think it's time to review the distros that have updated their images or have been forgotten...

Operating systems have recently updated their image are:

Distros which have not been updated in the past six months:

  • PiCore (May)

  • SqueezePlug (May)

  • SliTaz (Mar)

  • MinePeon (Mar)

  • Moebius (Jun 2013)

[ Conclusion ]

In the past has gone distros like Inferno that promised to be a very profitable experiment. Many are also committed pipaOS, but not updated since July and I think the author does not have a lot of courage to release it to the top (I've tried to contact with him and not responding). Leaves the list SqueezePlug that we can replace it with piCorePlayer. SliTaz still generate packages. I wanted to add Moebius because he enjoyed some popularity, but its author is tired of Debian distros, but promises a revolutionary new version. We look.

FreeBSD continues to update their OS. Media Centers also have regular monthly updates. I have joined the list updated with Diet PI that I want to keep an eye. We has Sonic-Pi, OpenSUSE and Slackware among others. Firefox OS added but still not more than a proof of concept.

Overall distros for Raspberry Pi are healthy and most stay alive... Live long and prosper!.