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Demo XBMC-Gamebox. Airplay mirroring for Raspberry Pi (Youtube)

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Demo XBMC-Gamebox: Airplay mirroring for Raspberry Pi (Youtube)

XBMC Gamebox
XBMC Gamebox

Last Friday I wrote about a new competitor for rPLAY. Well, I have tested and I want to show you in the video below a demo...

First say that it's an image with 1.3 GB based on *Raspbmc. I've tested with a Raspberry Pi Model B.

With the first boot, the image resize the partition to take up all the space on your SD card.

Once the system has rebooted, you will see XBMC version 13.2 (Oct, 2014). Now you must to choose the language, which has not worked for me but it is not important.

In the Programs section we find Raspbmc settings and the last doesn't works.

We will activate Airplay mirroring because that's what we want.

The system moves fluid as you can see in the video. I tried several games and some are not going at all well, taking cuts that make it difficult to play.

The video streaming has lag from iPhone 6 and iPad Mini Retina, perhaps due to the buffer is too small. If you play from the Video reel, no problems.

Doesn't works when you want to power off the Raspberry Pi from the power menu, so you have to unplug it even without being the Raspberry off.

The conclusion I reach is that if you want to use Airplay mirroring technology, this solution just works if you do not want to spend the money on an AppleTV. About Raspbmc, is not as stable as we would like but it's OK.

What if I want to run Gamebox from Raspbian to take advantages from Airplay Mirroring protocol?. You can. Follow the instructions in the next post in the forum.

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