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Lamobo D1. development board with HD camera

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Lamobo D1: development board with HD camera


Also called BPi-D1, this is one of those campaigns that are successful on Kickstarter and now sell for about 48 euros.

SinoVoip Co. brings a new candy after the success of the Banana Pi. Claim to be the smallest development board with 38x38mm and 10 grams. The processor is a 400MHz ARM926EJ 32bit RISC Core with 64MB DDR2 and MicroSD. The camera achieves a resolution incorporating both video and audio with 1280x720px30fps. Besides its integrated:

  • Audio sensor.

  • Microphone.

  • GPIO.

  • WiFi.

  • firmware upgradeable.

Bring an operating system that you can access through a browser on another computer through the network and consumption is minimal, reaching remain alight with WiFi disabled and an external battery with 500mah, 4 hours.

I leave a couple of links for further information.

Link: > The Banana Pi D1 -Lamobo D1 is the smallest open-source development board around, with a built-in HD mini camera. Create your own mini-cam now!open in new window

Link: Manual PDFopen in new window