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New RetroPie V2.4.1 released

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

New RetroPie V2.4.1 released



Long ago we had no news from Petrockblock and this time presents a new version in beta state of the distro for retro-players like me. This time we have a stripped down version of Raspbian (from 1.2 GB to 610 MB) which has eliminated much of the preinstalled software. Let's see some new features...

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Updated RetroPie-Setup Script

  • Update of all components, e.g., RetroArch supports ZIP files natively now

  • Dispmanx can be activated or deactivated for each emulator individually now

  • The screen mode is configurable for each emulator individually now

  • Added Atari Lynx emulator

  • Added Darkplaces Quake (experimental)

  • Added Minecraft-Pi (experimental)

  • Added OpenMSX (experimental)

  • Enhanced integration of ScummVM

  • Stripped down number of installed system packages to a minimum

  • Reorganization of the binaries

[ Comments about this version ]

The first is that the Raspbian version is more optimized for games. Very fast startup and the detection of the XBOX360 Control Pad has done with no problem.

We see few options on the menu:

  • PORTS: Doom, Duke Nukem and Quaque 3 (all shareware, but work without having to get the .wad)

  • Macintosh: It has not worked for me, you may need the ROM or BIOS to work.

  • IBM: DosBox (I would have preferred rpix86). To exit, type EXIT and press ENTER.

  • Apple II: black screen and you need to restart RetroPie.

  • ScummVM (see 1.7.0, 3 January, 2015): Perfect.

roms folder with all the supported systems
roms folder with all the supported systems

Remember that for other emulators, we need to add through SAMBA some ROMs. I tried several and all work perfectly and all the emulators recognized the joypad. To exit of each emulator, you must press the key combination SELECT+START.

What I liked is the resolution changes in each emulator to fit your screen perfectly.

Overall it is progressing rapidly and I think will become in the favorite system of many gamers.

Link: RetroPie > RetroPie SD-Card Image V2.4.1, BETA (610 MB - 2 GB uncompressed)open in new window