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Updated distros for Raspberry Pi 2 and those to coming soon

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Updated distros for Raspberry Pi 2 and those to coming soon


It's appearing the revisions of operating systems to accommodate the new SoC on the Pi2. Let's see those already updated and those to come in the following article.

Updated distros:

4 cores
4 cores
  • Raspbian y NOOBSopen in new window: It was hoped that the official release is already adapted to change. What I liked most is the boot start with the 4 raspberries symbolizing the 4 cores of the new processor.

  • Debbian Jessieopen in new window: One thing I need is to change from Wheezy to Jessie on Debian based distros to get the latest packages. Well, we already have a version to test with Kernel 3.18 + firmware occupying 3 GB.

  • Snappy Ubuntu Coreopen in new window: Honestly what I have more desire to try as soon as I get the Pi2 is to test this minimalist distribution has also revolutionized the net these days. More info on Ubuntuopen in new window website.

  • OpenELECopen in new window: Our favorite distribution for leisure and entertainment has been updated updating to the kernel 3.18 and it works really well as you can see in the video that accompanies the article.

  • OSMCopen in new window: Formerly known as Raspbmc is another distribution to run XBMC based on Raspbian but still is not very optimized in its Alpha 4 release.

  • Lakkaopen in new window: The guys of this distribution based on OpenELEC to play emulators with RetroArch are looking for Beta testers on Twitter. For now and although it is not yet official, hereopen in new window you have daily builds for Raspberry Pi 2.

Available soon:

  • Retro Pieopen in new window: We can't wait the new version adapted to the Pi2, although emulators in general are not readyopen in new window to use multiple cores, so do not expect to see much better performance.

  • Android?: See this post from linux.comopen in new window.

  • Others: For other distributions that we use as Arch Linux, Pidora or Risc OS we also have to wait a few days or even weeks, but it will come.

  • Windows 10: It will take to arrive and not be a Windows to use as all imagine, but it sure we can use it for the IOT.

While I wait My Raspberry Pi 2 behind the door. Mr. Postman, if you're reading this, I promise you a beer if you are not late.