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RetroPie 3.0 Beta for Raspberry Pi 2 & PiPlay 0.8 beta 9

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

RetroPie 3.0 Beta for Raspberry Pi 2 & PiPlay 0.8 beta 9


We have available the first beta version exclusive for Raspberry Pi 2 of RetroPie whose function is to build your own retro entertainment system and play several of the most popular emulators. PiPlay also has a worthwhile test version...

How the hell I finished playing Zork?
How the hell I finished playing Zork?

Changes on RetroPie:

  • Change emulators for the same platform or even apply different settings

  • Resolution is also configurable

  • New menu in EmulationStation with easy access to settings, configurations, file manager...

  • AdvanceMAME 1.2 (based on MAME 0.106), Rpix86 added again

  • Backup/Restore of individual gamelist/data and settings

Changes on PiPLAY:

  • Updated to the latest version of Raspbian

  • File Watcher scans and updates the games menu

  • Updated config controller

On RetroPie I notice that everything is very stable: Games like Quake 3, Duke Nukem 3D and Doom have all the necessary files to run Shareware version. With Raspbian behind, emulators move very fluid.

Time ago I didn't test PiPLAY, but the configuration system of controls has a technical and design that have left me surprised. In addition, the environment although somewhat slower than that offered by their competitors, does the job.

Next week we will have new version of RecalboxOSopen in new window, a system that is becoming my favorite. Check it out.

Would you like I make a more thorough review of any of these systems?. What is your favorite?.

Download: > retropie-v3.0beta-rpi2 (659 MB)open in new window

Download: > piplay-0.8-beta9 (3.5 GB)open in new window