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CHIP, the 9$ computer (Kickstarter)

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

CHIP, the 9$ computer (Kickstarter)


This board above is possibly the cheapest and best quality/price computer you can buy for $9 (if you still can buy it). It has just been announced and will almost get the $50,000 needed to achive their goal has been funded in 6 hours!. Want to know what's going on?. Don't worry, I'll show you after the jump...

CHIP details
CHIP details
  • Custom Debian Linux OS

  • 1Ghz R8 ARM AllWinner A13

  • Mali400 with OpenGLES 2.0 & OpenVG 1.1

  • 512MB of RAM

  • EMMC 4GB storage

  • WIFI

  • 1 port USB 2.0

  • Bluetooth 4.0

The base board mount an output composite video+audio+microphone and will be available in December 2015. Other alternatives coming next year may bring VGA output or HDMI. It can also come with accessories like 3000mAh battery or a screen+keyboard to make it portable. If you live from outside of USA, the Shipping costs will be about $20.

Link: Kickstarter > CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computeropen in new window

Link: makezine.comopen in new window