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OpenELEC by pikomnule

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

OpenELEC by pikomnule


I found in a forum about OpenELEC, a flavor based on the latest version 5.0.8 that comes with a few extras already included. Let's see what addons are preinstalled...

  • LIBRTMP updated to March 2015

  • Addons included (Updated to the latest version available 05/01/2015): Pelicalacarta, Tvalacarta, P2P-Stream, Press (for torrents), f4mTester and F4mProxy (Required for F4M channels), Sportdevils.

  • Required 2 GB SD card or higher.

  • Default resolution 1280x720 on start

  • Unforced HDMI output.

  • Enable display hidden files and directories.

  • Enabled allow renamed and deleted files.

  • Disable RSS.

  • Moderate overclocking (Only Raspberry Pi 1 A, B and B +): arm_freq goes from 700 to 800 mhz, core_freq goes from 250 to 300 mhz.

The truth is that I only use to install two addons on XBMC: pelisalacarta and Youtube. What are your favorites addons?

Download: OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi A, B y B+open in new window

Download: OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi2open in new window

Source: xbmcmania.comopen in new window