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Banana Pi CookBook

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Banana Pi CookBook

Banana Pi cover
Banana Pi cover

Has recently go on sale this book that collects 25 interesting recipes for Banana Pi.

I've participated in the elaboration of each chapter of this book, and I can assure you that it a MUST HAVE If you have one of these boards.

After the jump, I tell you what it's about.

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover how to configure and maintain your Banana Pi device

  • Install Android and a Linux-based distribution onto the Banana Pi

  • Attach external drives to your Banana Pi by using the USB or SATA interfaces

  • Install and configure common server applications and multimedia applications on Linux

  • Share files between your Banana Pi and other devices either in your internal network or over the Internet

  • Set up a secure web stack and run blogging software on your device

  • Connect remotely to your Banana Pi using SSH and VNC

  • Build simple electrical circuits and connect simple hardware elements such as LEDs, resistors, buttons to the GPIO pins

  • Configure a multimedia centre that is able to play high definition content

Its author is called Ryad El-Dajani and I think that is among the first to achieve great progress when set within the major operating systems available, features such as graphics acceleration, XBMC or create one of the best Arch Linux distributions on this board.

From here I wish luck to the author, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Link: packtpub.comopen in new window

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Link: Acerca de los autores (pdf)