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Happy birthay to me!

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minGeneralGeneral

Happy birthay to me!


Well, today is my birthday, so I have to take stock.

It has been a year with many emotional changes, I guess like everyone. Fortunately, today I live where I want, with the people I love and I love my profession, so my wishes are for:

Thinking that my wife has recover through an operation and everything went well, I'm looking back and see that we make the right decisions at the time. For Elena, I want that you keep trying to be more optimistic about life.

Laura, my daughter, I see you growing every day, and every year I think I live with her the best time and I'm around to see it, which is important. I wish you hapiness. I hope you never miss how affectionate you are with your family, who adores you.

To my parents, I can count on them and they with me, I wish they can live with us all the good/bad thing that around us. I am proud to have you.

To my friends, that I have something forgotten because my work, they know I will always be there, and whatever happens, I remember you every day. I want you to see life with the same light that I see it.

And you who read me, known or not, coming from all parts of the world, I can never thank you who have been there for reading. For you I maintain this blog and I wish it for many years.

I keep blowing the cake, fulfill years and have more experience, but will remain the same imaginative boy, confused, optimistic, entrepreneur and dreamer who you have always known.

I promise.