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BBC Micro.bit

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BBC Micro:bit


Yesterday came out in almost every digital media and we continue receiving news about this new board have been made from the BBC quarters in collaboration with 29 companies, of which highlights some as ARM, Barclays, element14, Freescale, Lancaster University, Microsoft, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung and the Wellcome Trust.

What it gives this board that is interesting?. I'll tell you after the jump...

The first is that sixth graders pupils from UK will receive one of it free of charge (This means about one million boards).


Let's check out some features:

  • Size: 4x5 cms

  • ARM Cortex M-O processor

  • 5x5 LEDs matrix

  • 2 programmable buttons

  • 1 accelerometer

  • 1 compass

  • Bluetooth LE

  • 5 I/O rings

  • 1 USB

This board alone does not make much sense to us and is more like an Arduino that other board, but imagine what you can do together with the Raspberry Pi.

It will be available in October and I have not read anything that is to be put up for sale, although being Open Source development, any company will.

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