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VOLKSPC OS to the ODROID-C1 board

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteODROIDODROID

VOLKSPC OS to the ODROID-C1 board


Can you imagine an operating system that can run a Debian & Android systems at the same time?. The project exists and is called VolksPC...

The problem is that it was an Indiegogo campaign already ended without getting funding, but you can also download an image. Some details to consider:

  • 566MB of free memory at 720P resolution and about 500MB of free memory at 1080P.

  • Android supports GPU and OpenGL ES applications. Debian does not support GPU at this time.

Download: > (613 MB)open in new window

Link: > Port VOLKSPC OS to the ODROID-C1 boardopen in new window

Link: volkspc.orgopen in new window

Link: forum.odroid.comopen in new window