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Mycroft. IA for everyone (Kickstarter)

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Mycroft: IA for everyone (Kickstarter)


You know that from time to time I like to show relevant projects from Kickstarter, and this one in particular has come to me by a reader called Miguel Rodriguez. It is a device to control the IoT (Internet of things) through the voice and play your media, lighting,... and yes, it is built with a Raspberry Pi 2...

The video says it all about this product. Use software and hardware open and you can continue developing to the community. Among its most important features: Play Content like Spotify, Netflix and other services through Chromecast/Roku, IoT with Iris, Philips hue, Nest, read calendars as iCal or Google Calendar, Twitter....

It is a project that many of us have tried to do, and I still feel curious to know how they have solved the issue of the microphone quality signal in the Pi2.

Use internally a Snappy Ubuntu Core OS. The starting price is 99 $ and almost have financed campaign. The trouble is that we have to wait until next summer and send Mycroft to make us popcorn and go to the premiere of Batman Vs Superman 😉

Link: Kickstarter > Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyoneopen in new window

Link: Mycroft.aiopen in new window