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NesPi. Raspberry Pi inside a NES build with Lego

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

NesPi: Raspberry Pi inside a NES build with Lego


There are certain products that when you usually buy, the hapiness is just pick it up and give it some use. Sure there are any studies about this level of happiness. It is not the same to buy a WiFi device to a case for your Raspberry Pi. And this is where I will teach the new retro casing from raspipcopen in new window guys: A 8-bit NES case made of Legos pieces for your Raspberry Pi 2...

who does not worship the NES?, Who has not enjoy with a Lego toy?. In this case you have both in one, made and designed in collaboration with arquitectadoopen in new window.

Today you have it available in the store with a 10% discount.

Link (spanish): > NesPi una caja mágica para Raspberry Pi 2open in new window