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VoIP Server on a Raspberry Pi

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

VoIP Server on a Raspberry Pi


First I want to thank the 600,000 visits we've reached on this blog. We can see that the development boards are here to stay and is growing its demand. We have more models and more competition, which benefits to us.

I wanted to mention that today, It's not difficult to create a VoIP system in our homes or in an office. As you know, Asterisk is the free solution that best suits all kinds of needs, with a complete interface and although not enough, easy to use.

RasPBX is an operative system based on Debian Jessie, which already contains Asterisk 11.15.0, FreePBX 12.0.38 and It's ready for use...

If you already have it installed (the last image is from April / 15) and you want to update, just type:


The first once installed, is to expand the partition with raspi-config, as we do with Raspbian. You can access to the control panel through the local IP or http://raspbx/. The user name and password is the same, admin. Hereopen in new window you can get a guide to configure it

I wonder if any of you have tried any VOIP solution and if you are interested in this topic to test a distro and publish my impressions.

Link: raspberry-asterisk.orgopen in new window