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Android OS image released for ODROID C1/C1+

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteODROIDODROID

Android OS image released for ODROID C1/C1+


We have new release of Android OS for ODROID C1/C1+ with the next features:

  • Fix to play MJPEG streams for much USB camera preview

  • Preinstalled Kodi is upgraded to 15.1.1

  • Android OTA upgrade is supported

  • Fix AMVIDEOCAP freeze issue

  • PL2303 driver is included

  • 7-inch HDMI Touch screen support

  • Multi touch support is enhanced

  • HDMI PLL is updated for particular resolution (480P/I, 576P/I, 1600x900P60HZ)

  • SPI driver is enhanced for stability

  • Fix to support UHS-I on soft reset (ODROID-C1+ only)

Download: odroid.comopen in new window