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NodeOS. Lightweight operating system using Node.js

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIODROIDRaspberry PIODROID

NodeOS: Lightweight operating system using Node.js


The magic of JavaScript is beyond the boundaries of your browser. We can see it as the main programming languages on Arduino or similar, mobile applications frameworks or servers with Node.js among others.

NodeOS it is an operating system based on the package system npm. It is built on the top of a Linux architecture and you can download images containers hereopen in new window. It can run on desktops, servers or development boards like Raspberry Pi or ODROID.

I think it is a project that we should not lose track. Moreover, is developed by Spanish guys and is a product in constant evolution.

Link: node-os.comopen in new window

Link: Githubopen in new window