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60 core Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster-in-a-box

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

60 core Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster-in-a-box


Through a Slack channel commented to me about this project did not know and that I was surprised by their appearance. A user has pluged in no more and no less than 15 Raspberry Pi in this monstrous box with which you can invoke Ariochopen in new window.

The premise, as their author said, is create a portable, self contained cluster of computers that only requires a single power cable and an Ethernet uplink cable to operate.

The hardware:

  • 1x Cheap toolbox from Home Depot

  • 15x Raspberry Pi 2 Computer boards (1GB RAM ea.)

  • 15x 16GB class 10 MicroSD cards

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS image loaded on each

  • 300W SilverStone SFX power supply

  • Netgear 16 port Gigabit switch

  • 120mm Noctua Fan

  • Arduino Pro driving gratuitous power LEDs up top

With 15 Raspberry Pis and 4 cores for each one, I'm pretty sure you can perform these tasks with costs us hours. More details on the following link.

Link: > 60 core Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster-in-a-boxopen in new window