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RetroPie 3.5 released

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

RetroPie 3.5 released


We have available a new version of RetroPie, the retro operating system for gamers on the Pi, with the next features and improvements...

  • Added new experimental modules, Lӧve 2D Game Engine, Colecovision (CoolCV).

  • Debian usbmount package fixed up for systemd udev compatibility, making the USB ROM service work properly again without being killed after 30 seconds. Also added ntfs support by default.

  • Added an arcade rom folder option where all arcade games can be placed.

  • Improvements to EmulationStation (Fix crash on rom delete, direct launch, symlink support, and other bug fixes).

  • Improvements to the Runcommand Launch Menu: Cleaner dialog on launch, ability to show game artwork on launch, ability to disable joystick support as well as the ability to disable the entire runcommand launch menu.

  • PS3 Controller improvements - Add multiple gasia and shanwan controller support.

  • Updated lr-mgba emulator binaries (new upstream release of mgba 0.4.0)

  • Improvements on pre-built image - disabled screen blanking, quieter boot, and filesystem automatically expanded on first boot.

  • Various other bug fixes.

Download: > Pi1open in new window | Pi2open in new window

Link: RetroPie > First Installationopen in new window