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Minimal Debian Jessie image for the ODROID by Meveric

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteODROIDODROID

Minimal Debian Jessie image for the ODROID by Meveric


The best part about Linux is its high level of customization. If you have some knowledge, build your own distribution is a difficult but rewarding task. At the end of the day, the operating system is where we spent most of the time and is like a new home: You decide whether empty or furnished purchases. Today I bring you an operating system for your ODROID X/XU4/XU3 by the great meveric.

  • Resize on first boot and it configure SSH.

  • Kernel & headers installed.

  • ntp, htop, mc, vim and bash-completion.

  • Login: root | Password: odroid

  • Tested for install and run XBMC, Chromium, games with 3D support,....

If you want to install a Desktop (LXDE is my best recommendation):

apt-get upodate
apt-get install xf86-video-armsoc-odroid
apt-get install mali400-odroid
cd /etc/X11

Link: > Debian Jessie X (81 MB)open in new window

Link: > Debian Jessie XU4/XU3 (99 MB)open in new window