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ODROID Magazine issue (March)

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ODROID Magazine issue (March)

ODROID Magazine March
ODROID Magazine March

We can get the new issue of ODROID Magazine, commenting about ODROID-C2 with other interesting articles:

  • ODROID-VU7 Backlight: Adding a Digital Control System

  • Super Eyes: Hand Tracking and Surveillance with the OCam

  • ShowMeStuff: A Smart Kiosk System for Your ODROID-SHOW

  • Byobu: Your Linux Terminal on Steroids

  • Half-Life: Black Mesa Has Come to the ODROID Platform

  • Exagear: Get More From Your ODROID with TeamViewer, Spotify and Skype

  • Using ZRAM: Memory Expansion through Compression

  • MQTT Basics: IoT Made Easy

  • ODROID-C2: 64-Bit Low-Cost Powerhouse

  • Real Time Linux Kernel: The ODROID-C0's Best Friend

  • Toner Reset: Extending the Life of Your Laser Printer Cartridges

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