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RaspArch y RaspEX. OS adapted to the brand new Raspberry Pi 3

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

RaspArch y RaspEX: OS adapted to the brand new Raspberry Pi 3


I think except once here, I have never commented operating systems that is building Exton for* Raspberry Pi 2/3*. They are Debian-based Ubuntu + (RaspEx) and ArchLinux (RaspArch).

RaspArch comes preinstalled with LXDE, Firefox and GIMP already configured, which is appreciated for those who have no desire to fight with a distro like Arch Linux, for me the most powerful and fastest today.

RaspEX is an operating system for Raspberry Pi based on Debian (8.3) and Ubuntu (15.10). Share desktop with his brother RaspArch with Kernel 4.1.18

Download: raspex.exton.seopen in new window