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Gamestarter-Pi news

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Gamestarter-Pi news


Almost a year ago bite-your-idolsopen in new window released the project that I will comment again. It is an addons with which you can play retro emulators from Kodi.

From that initial script somewhat cumbersome, the project became an addon more or less well structured and very easy to install/configure by the end user, it is necessary to download the zip as any addon and install it from Kodi (The option of including it in a repo is upcoming).

As important news I could enumerate...

  • Retroarch 1.4.1, with its colors, assets and updated gamepads configurations.

  • Installation and pre-configuration of the new addon Advanced Emulator Launcher (LibreELEC 8) to handle your entire collection of ROMS from Kodi.

  • Optional EmulationStation installation, some themes and an additional CLI scrapper.

  • Optional installation of the Amiga (UAE4ARM) and Nintendo DS (DraStic) emulator, the latter really goes fine to be in beta.

  • Optional installation of the "Internet Archive ROM Launcher" addon to launch games from the "cloud".

All these optional installations are done from the addon settings window itself so that users do not have to have knowledge of bash, ssh, or anything ... just pass the zip by samba or ftp and Then pass your ROMS.

The best: fully compatible with OpenELEC and LibreELEC in its versions 6 and 7 and even in the new LibreELEC 8 with Kodi 17, which is in beta but is in a final stage.

We invite you to test it and give us your opinions, as always, in the comments 😉

Link: > Gamestarter-Piopen in new window