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Webinar Raspberry Pi for Devops

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Webinar Raspberry Pi for Devops

Keep Coding
Keep Coding

The day has come!. I am pleased to announce that I will develop together with the training course platform Keep Codingopen in new window, a webinar about Raspberry Pi for spanish speakers.

This webinar will be online and free for everyone through the Keep Coding platform and will be aimed at system administrators and developers in general. What we usually call devops. It will be something basic, although I've spent a lot of hours to get it right and we all learn to take advantage of that Raspberry Pi you have in a forgotten drawer. I will be accompanied by Fernando Rodriguez (@frr149open in new window, co-founder of the platform and instructor.

Don't you have a Raspberry Pi? I can't believe it! But if that's your case, thanks to our sponsor and friend raspipc.esopen in new window we'll raffle a Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit among all attendees via Twitter. To stay informed, you can follow my account at @ulysess10open in new window or @KeepCoding_enopen in new window.

It will be the next September 20th at 21:30, Madrid time.

I leave you a calculator in case you are outside of Spain and want to know what time the event will be broadcast within your time zone:

Keep Coding and me have worked hard to bring you this event. I hope you enjoy it and above all, let's have a good time together. You can't miss it!

I leave you with the link to the webinar where you can register. Arrived the day we will keep you informed of how to access the event.

Link: Keep Coding > Webinar Raspberry Pi para Devopsopen in new window