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New OpenMSX 0.14 for Raspbian Stretch (.deb)

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

New OpenMSX 0.14 for Raspbian Stretch (.deb)

OpenMSX 0.14
OpenMSX 0.14

I have already mentioned it recently: a new version of the best MSX emulator had been released and I had to compile it. This morning Patrick, a member of the team, wake me up in the morning to compile it and here we have it for the delight of all of you. I present you the new version of OpenMSX 0.14, code name Blasphemy.

[ What's new ]


I compiled it for Raspbian Stretch. You can find the latest news hereopen in new window. I summarize some of them for you:

  • Added new extensions: Konami Ultimate Collection, ASCII Japanese MSX-Write, ASCII Japanese MSX-Write II and Tecall TM220 MSX-RAMFILE

  • Performance improvements: reverse feature & hq resampler

  • Added script that records to a new AVI file if the framerate changes

  • Added OSD button to invoke OSD menu in the top left corner

  • Migrated from SDL threads to C++11 threads

  • Upgraded C-BIOS to release 0.28

  • ...And of course the usual various bug fixes and performance improvements.

I have also updated this script in PiKISSopen in new window project, where you can download the binary or compile it in your system by yourself.

[ Installation ]


The file .deb is available at the end of the article. To install it, run the following:

sudo dpkg -i openmsx_0.14.0-1_armhf.deb

The path of the emulator is /opt/openMSX/.

If you are running Raspbian Lite, you need to install some extra packages:

sudo apt install -y libsdl-ttf2.0-0 libtcl8.6 libglew2.0 libtheora0

[ ROMs ]


Below I leave you the ROMs needed to emulate the different MSX that were on sale. If you're going to run cartridges, you won't need them. You must copy them in ~/.openMSX/share/systemroms:

wget -O ~/.openMSX/share/
unzip ~/.openMSX/share/

[ Optimize the emulator ]

As soon as you install it and run OpenMSX, you'll see that on the Raspbian's desktop, the emulator actually crawls and it's a little unplayable. You can download an optimized .xml file with the necessary settings to make it work a little better.

wget -O ~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml

I also recommend some adjustments that you can make from raspi-config.

  • Advanced Options > A6 GL Driver > G2 GL (Fake KMS) OpenGL desktop driver with fake KMS

  • Advanced Options > Memory Split > 128

This will work perfectly for you. It's actually the first time I've seen it work so well from desktop.

I remind you that with ALT+ENTER you can access the full screen. Passing the cursor over the upper left corner of the screen you will access the emulator menu or you can use the ESC key. If you have downloaded the .xml file above with optimized settings, the key to exit will be F8 and the menu show us with F1.

[ Extra ]


A few weeks ago, the scene world gave us a new game for ZXSpectrum 128K and MSX2 called The Sword of Ianna. You can find out more info about it at thisopen in new window link. To run it once downloaded, type openmsx ianna.rom and play.

As always, thanks to Patrick (VampierMSX) for his invaluable help.

Download: > openmsx_0.14.0-1_armhf.deb

Download ROMs: > systemroms.zipopen in new window

Download: > ianna-msx2-1_1.zipopen in new window