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Atomic Pi. drivers & resources for Windows 10 x64

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteAtomic PiAtomic Pi

Atomic Pi: drivers & resources for Windows 10 x64


As I said, my enthusiasm for an Atomic Pi was to be able to play old classics games from 1999-2010. I have them on a hard drive and also in my memory. When people want to play Red Dead 2 or Fortnite, I prefer Unreal, Quake or Serious Sam.

Many have asked me about drivers, as they seem to be giving problems to find the right ones. I'm going to leave you in a personal Dropbox folder that I've shared, all the drivers you're going to need for your APi. I made the copy with a software called DriverBackup!open in new window and it comes with an executable that allows you to install all the drivers updated. Not one of the devices of the board will escape, hehe.

I'm also leaving other programs and doc I consider useful, for example all the Visual C++ libraries in an official installer or the famous DirectX 9 that can coexist perfectly with those that already brings Windows 10.

This week I will try to upload a video to my Youtube channelopen in new window with the games I have tested. It's all good news, don't you think? I hope that soon you will get yours and any doubt, ask me.

Link: > AtomicPiopen in new window