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Building the perfect operating system for Raspberry Pi with Alpine Linux (III)

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Building the perfect operating system for Raspberry Pi with Alpine Linux (III)


As we read a few weeks ago, we already have our system almost ready. Now we need software and what better way than learning how to upgrade our alpinOS or use its apk package manager.

[ Create Users ]

It's always convenient to have non-root users on the system. We will be traditional and add a pi user in the /home/pi directory.

adduser -g 'John Wick' pi
chown -R pi /home/pi
lbu add /home/pi
lbu commit -d

Now if you type login, you will be able to access as the user pi.

[ Package Management ]

Very simple:

apk add nano git # Install nano and git
apk search mc # Search package mc
apk search -v -d 'htop' # Search for htop package and display description
apk search -v 'php*' # Search for packages that start with php
apk from php7 # Remove php7 package
apk cache -v sync # Clears cache and synchronizes lost packages
apk info | sort # Shows installed packages in order
apk info -vv | grep 'nano' # Shows if nano package is installed
apk -e info nano # Shows if nano package is installed
apk stats # Packet statistics

If you want to check the packages from the comfort of your web browser, you can visit alpine.pkgs.orgopen in new window.

[ Upgrading to latest release ]

There are several ways to keep the system up to date. I'll tell you what I think is the best option. It is to replace the urls that point to the specific version you have downloaded, by the last one. Edit the file /etc/apk/repositories, comment the mirrors with version number and add the following ones:

There is another way more cool:

sed -i '/community/s/^#//' /etc/apk/repositories
sed -i '/edge/s/^#//' /etc/apk/repositories

Now we proceed to update and upgrade:

apk update && apk upgrade

Remember! Run lbu commit -d after installing the software you need or all changes will be lost like tears in the rain.

And that's it. I leave you the comments if you want to add something else, contribute ideas for my repo, etc...

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