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Dietpi 9.1 release with Raspberry Pi 5 support!

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PI

Dietpi 9.1 release with Raspberry Pi 5 support!

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DietPi, in its recent 9.1 release, introduces several exciting enhancements and bug fixes. Notably, it now provides support for the Raspberry Pi 5. Additionally, various dietpi-software options have been refined.

The new Raspberry Pi 5 images, based on the latest Bookworm kernel and firmware package set from Raspberry Pi Ltd, are available for testing. However, some features—such as changing screen resolution and camera module support—are not yet functional. DietPi’s primary focus remains on performance and a compact installation size, with extensive configuration tools that allow for more customization than usual. If the performance gains, reduced RAM usage, and faster boot times observed on the Raspberry Pi 4 persist, Die_tPi can provide a welcome boost to the Raspberry Pi 5 while also being energy-efficient.

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