AEROS for Raspberry Pi


While one [native port]( of *AROS (Amiga Real Operating System)* continues, here is another project called AEROS pretty interesting.

Want to know more?

*AEROS* is a hybrid distribution between [AROS]( and *Linux(Debian 7.0 for ARM)*. The pity is that this version to our Pi is only for registered users, but you can access a public beta.

Benefits for AROS users of having Linux under the hood:

  • more drivers (printers, scanners, NIC, Videocards and more)

  • you are able to run every Linux app including Wine (which enables the use of Windows (TM) apps without the need of Windows(TM))

  • AROS - Developers can use Linux development tools

  • AROS apps can utilize Linux tools to enhance there own functionalitiy.

  • Single AROS processes can be forced to run on a single core.

Comparing AEROS beta 1 with 2 on a Raspberry Pi with 256MB RAM

Benefits for Linux users of having AROS on top Linux:

  • Fast desktop, maybe the fastest on LInux

  • Allows you to run AROS apps and games too, most of them come from Amiga and have a low footprint. You will like how fast they are.

  • Allows you to use JanusUAE - an integrated Amiga emulation... classic 68k Amiga apps can be used in coherency mode

As I mentioned, we have a public beta, limited to the option not to install Linux applications. I leave you with it.

Download: [aeros-pi-p1.img.7z (1.6 GB)](

Register: [](

Forum: [](

Ebay: [AEROS for Raspberry PI beta on SD-card](

AEROS Public Beta 1