Windows-Raspberry Pi Cross Compiler


Cross compiler, by definition, is a compiler which builds software for another platform, not the platform it is running on. This means we can develop and compile our applications from Windows environment for the Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a powerful machine for the limited features it has. Developing software under it, when it is a simple program does not engage much difficulty or time to compile the results. But when we tackle more complex projects, it becomes rather tedious task, especially when debug any process.

The advantages of the cross-compiling can imagine: Working with the environment in which you feel more comfortable, speed development time and debugging, compiling for different machines ...

One can compile from Windows to Linux or Mac OSX, or you can compile from x86 to ARM or x86_64.

In the following link, we have the steps to configure a Windows machine and compile our projects with Eclipse. The libraries are you can buy for $ 10 or compile them yourself according to the environment you prefer (Raspbian vs Debian, arm-linux-gnueabihf vs arm-linux-gnueabi, dynamic linking to ld-linux-ld-linux vs . SO.3).

This method I want to extend it in successive post, looking for other development platforms such as Ubuntu or Mac OSX. Stay tuned.


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