Download from file sharing sites (uploaded, MEGA, freakshare) on your Raspberry Pi


Today we'll see how to download from hosters like Uploaded or Mediafire

**Updated July, 2017**

Best of *Raspberry Pi* for me is saving resources on tasks that require some time to process: Modify massively thousands of files or download *torrents* are some of them.

Today we are going to download/upload files from sharing sites such as *MEGA, 4shared or Mediafire* in *Raspbian* or *Debian* based with *plowshare*.

What is plowshare?

*Plowshare* is a command line tool (CLI) to upload/download files from sharing websites such as *MEGA, Uploaded or FreakShare*.


  • *Plowshare* supports around 44+ different hosters.

  • A small footprint (few shell scripts). **No java, no python!** Run fast on embedded devices!

  • Few dependencies and portable. **bash and curl** are enough for most hosters.

  • Support for automatic online captcha solver services.


First, install the dependencies:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install recode spidermonkey-bin sxiv

**NOTE:** If you have premium account, do not install *sxiv* package.

It is necessary for some hosting the next to solve *Captcha*, but do not install it if you do not ask:

sudo apt-get install libhtml-parser-perl rhino

Now download and uncompress the next file from [github](, and run:

git clone plowshare && cd $_
sudo make install
plowmod --install

*plowmod* enable some hosters by default (Uploaded, Mega,...)


The command to download is called **plowdown**. To use, simply write *plowdown* followed the download link from *X-Windows*:

plowdown http://url_to_download

You need the *X* because *Captcha* show you a picture. There are packages that convert the image in *ASCII* format to be used directly from the terminal such as *aview*, but I have not managed to resolve none with this method.


From the desktop you can see the Captcha and solve it.

If you have premium account you don't need enter into the desktop. You can download directly from a console.

To do this, you must add the parameter **-a 'user:password'**. Example:

plowdown -a 'user34:1234'

We can also create a *.txt* file with all the links you want to download and invoke it as follows:

plowdown -m downloads.txt

Link: [GitHub > plowshare](