And the winner is... OpenELEC!


Most of us have a mini SD card ready as a media center. Curiously Raspbmc and Xbian always are the new handsome kids on the block. I read daily and I always wonder the same thing: What's wrong with OpenELEC? Let's see some info to know what's the best of the best...

OpenELEC, the ugly duckling that nobody wants has spread its wings, has faced his brothers and declaring himself like the winner. have compared again the latest versions, especially of Xbian 1.0 Beta 1.1 (July 14) vs OpenELEC 3.1.6 (August 20). The last one has optimized a lot their system.

If you want my personal opinion, I tested these three solutions since I have the Raspi and I always come back to OpenELEC. There must be a reason. By the way, What's your favourite distro to use like media center?


Link: htpcbeginner > Overclocked OpenELEC vs Xbian for Raspberry Pi

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