Doom's Aniversary (20 years). Celebrate it with the Pi


It seems like yesterday, but Doom has 20 years on his back

Many of us have thankfully grown in a time of revolution in video games. There was innovation in programming methods to stand out in an emerging market like PC video games. Doom was the star on the fps genre.

Today we're going to enjoy this game on the Raspberry Pi...

I remember I bought a Sound Blaster Pro to a friend to fully enjoy this game on my 486 DX2 - 100 Mhz. No one can forget the soundtrack that accompanied us on each stage.

Let's Rock! (ups!)

We felt powerful with that shotgun or the chainsaw. The good news is that there have been many ports along the years, and our Pi could not disappoint us.

The best existing version to run on our beloved Pi is Chocolate Doom. You can download from the Pi Store. This version supports Dispmanx under SDL 1.2, using the GPU acceleration to play the game.


Download: (.wad shareware)

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