OpenMSX 0.11.0 for Raspberry Pi!


Updated 05/Oct/16: New 0.13.0 binary here!!

In this post you can get the latest version of the OpenMSX emulator I've compiled for you and if you are a PRO, how to compile it by yourself...

openMSX 0.11.0 dev version running on the Raspberry Pi from VampierMSX

[ Compiling... ]


In four hours and solving a few dependences, you will get the compiled binaries of this great emulator

Now you have a PiKISS script to do it automatically: Check here

First download the source code. It can be obtained from Sourceforge website here. The date of this version is Nov 8, 2014. If you want to know the changes, visit this link.

Once uncompressed in a directory, you must resolve dependences. With Raspbian for example use the next command:

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libglew-dev libao-dev libogg-dev libtheora-dev libxml2-dev libvorbis-dev tcl-dev

Arch Linux:

pacman -Sy libpng libxml2 sdl sdlimage sdlttf tcl zlib gcc make python-2

We need to install gcc 4.7:

sudo apt-get install gcc-4.7 g++-4.7
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/gcc gcc /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 40 --slave /usr/bin/g++ g++ /usr/bin/g++-4.7

Then you only need to run the following to compile and install:

export CXX=g++-4.7
sudo make install

[ Binaries ]

I created a .deb package that you can install and download from the next url:

Direct Download: openmsx0-11.0armhf.deb

dpkg -i openmsx_0-11.0_armhf.deb

Remember you have to install dependencies: sudo apt-get install libglew1.7 libtheora0 libao4

Run a rom file with: openmsx file.rom

To uninstall: sudo dpkg -r openmsx

It use as bios the C-Bios which is royalty-free, but you can use a bios dumped from an original MSX as I teach you in this post.

Notice: if you want to emulate real MSX systems and not only the free C-BIOS machines, put the system ROMs in one of the following directories: /opt/openMSX/share/systemroms or ~/.openMSX/share/systemroms

If you want openMSX to find MSX software referred to from replays or savestates you get from your friends, copy that MSX software to /opt/openMSX/share/software or ~/.openMSX/share/software

[ Function Keys & OSD Console ]

You can define the Function keys in the settings.xml file. The most relevant are:

  • Menu key: Menu.

  • F9: Rewind to load the tape faster.

  • F11: OSD Console.

In the OSD panel, we can type help to list all the available commands, for example toggle_fps.

[ Optimize ]

Best machine to emulate and with the best compatibility are: Philips NMS 8250 (MSX2, 50 fps), Panasonic FS-A1WSX (MSX2+, 60 fps) o Panasonic FS-A1GT (MSXturboR, 60 fps).

The emulator is not scaled, so If you want play with full screen, change the next lines on the /boot/config.txt file:

framebuffer_width = 800
framebuffer_height = 600

NOTE: The next optimizations are already included in the 0.11.0 version.

To speed up a little, edit the next file: nano ~/.openMSX/share/settings.xml. Add to section the next lines hosted on



Play Antartic Adventures

Download: Antartic Adventures (.rom)

Download: MSX cas files

Links: > openmsx - Setup guide | > openmsx - User's_manual

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