New Amiga emulator port on the way: uae4all2


Currently we have 2 *Amiga* emulators for the *Pi*: *UAE4All and UAE4Armiga4Pi* than [I've spoken]( Both are based on *uae4all1*, which has no support for HD files.

*uae4all2* comes with several interesting improvements, including support for *HDF files, AGA*...

There remains much work to run the emulator decently as says the user is developing the port, but if it's running on various platforms such as *Pandora or GP32X* or other with a capacity similar to the *Raspberry Pi* processing, I can say with total security that this emu goes to the right direction.

I think it is not difficult to compile. As it has done will upload the binary and see if it works as well as on other consoles and devices.

I leave you with a video of the emulator running on a *Nexus 10*.

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