News this week on the Pi World

![Rpi Slim](

Raspberry Pi slim

Winter is comming and I'm sure you spend more time at home tinkering with our Pi. This week we will see how to remove components of our minicomputer, a program to audit wireless networks and build you own *Bartop*.

SlyFoxHound's Iron Man Suit Overview - HUD, Moving Parts, Lights, Sounds, Jarvis
  • **Slimming a Raspberry Pi:** Now comes a time of abundant food and should lose a few Kg. Your Pi also wants to lose a few grams and some height for those projects that need it. *Adafruit* help us to eliminate parts of your *Raspberry Pi* but beware, it's not easy. | [ > Diet Raspberry Pi](

  • **FruityWifi:** It's a tool to audit wireless networks for *Debian* systems. Very useful and easy to use with a cool Web interface that reaches version 2.0. It's worth a try for all the modules that brings incorporated. | [FruityWifi](


**Bartop arcade with two players:** I love gaming. Just name them and I go back in time, transported to those video arcades where we shared those afternoons with a few coins and freak people. If you can't get one because the size, I recommend a *Bartop* that fits anywhere. | [ > 2-Player-Bartop-Arcade-Machine-Powered-by-Pi](

Happy weekend!