Thinking about Windows 10


This week I want to change the section about the Pi World with some reflections about Windows...

Microsoft is doing the things really well. I remember the years from Windows XP and I could not understand what they were thinking when released Windows Me (Do you remember Millenium, don't you?). Since then it was downhill and without brakes, and perhaps some saw the light with Windows 7, but returned to the darkness with the Touch philosophy on Desktop and killing the Start button, but...

It seems Microsoft is looking for allies everywhere and in all communities. Some examples:

  • Windows 10 promises. Tell you a user who went from MSDOS to Windows, then Linux and later OSX.

  • Continuum for phones


  • Browser Edge (late, but we'll see how it unfolds)

  • Facilitate port applications from Android/iOS to Windows 10

  • Cortana (Siri's boyfriend)

  • Visual Studio multiplatform

  • Third-party apps developed with HTML and JavaScript to Office

  • Windows Store

  • Partnership with Arduino, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and everything related with IoT (+ info)

HoloLens sounds more like concept art than anything else, but it is REAL... Fuck yeah!

What's now?. They are giving us pills and being pulled new versions of everything I've commented. So we can only sit down and wait... What do you think about it?.

See ya in the comments...

Link: Lifehacker> All the Important Stuff Announced at Microsoft Build 2015 Today

Link: > Get your Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2 while it's hot

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