OpenMSX compiled for the Raspberry Pi!


Do you like the news about emulators? I love them. Always try the emulator and after 2 minutes I'm bored. True story.

I've had several computers in my life, but my favorite is the MSX.

Now I have the opportunity to play Athletic Land on my RasPi.

As argument in the forum the user who has decided to compile, it works well with the 900 Mhz configuration. If you want better, press F10 to open the console and type "set scanline 0"

The BIOS should go into "/home/pi/.openMSX/share/systemroms/", and it is recommended that you have at least msx2.rom and ms2ext.rom

You can add it to EmulationStation. Adding the file es_systems.cfg following:

EXTENSION=.rom .ROM .mx2 .MX2 .mx1 .MX1
COMMAND=openmsx -cart %ROM%

OpenMSX emulator: Mediafire. You can get the new version 0.10 here.



Athletic Land: ROM