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What?. Is it Friday already?. But... but... Sorry, I forgot our agreement: You come here and I have prepared a list of interesting links about the best thing that has happened this week in the Pi World. Please wait to me...

VĂ­deo of the week: Playing Card Detection Using OpenCV-Python on the Raspberry Pi 3 + PiCamera


  • Learning Raspberry Pi(Free epub): Learn Linux administration, create a web interface to upload songs, create a remote controlled robot and many projects thanks to Samarth Shah. Free for a limited time. Don't tell me later that I didn't warn you. |


  • Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Plex Media Server: You have hundreds of series, movies and photos in an HD and your father at home wants to see them. It's best to set up a Plex server and save yourself going home. Well, you'll have to go to configure a computer so you can access the server... Look, you'd better take the HD that takes less time. I'm telling you from experience. |


  • ODROID Magazine: New edition for ODROID enthusiasts. In this issue we will learn how to create a NAS for our multimedia content with OpenMediaVault, install ArchLinux with disk encryption, mount a portable retro console and something to create your own home wizard. |

  • RetroArch module for hakchi: You're all freaking out with the NES/SNES Mini. When the symptoms go away, you'll use your RPi again to emulate what you want and not just these platforms, although in the next repositories teach us to install some emulators like MAME, ZX Spectrum or PS1 in NES Mini console. At the end your hype it's my fault... > retroarch-clover (DSkywalk) | > retroarch-clover (ClusterM)


  • Terrible Cluster. 5 Raspberry PI Zeros. One custom USB hub. Endless disappointment: Do you want to get 1,281 GFLOPS with RPis accounts connected in a cluster? It seems to be a hell of a fast computing speed, although if you compare it to one of the 500 fastest computers in the world, it's a ridiculous amount. But let's be honest, what are you going to use so much power for? |

  • Serverless Kubernetes home-lab with your Raspberry Pis: Third article to assemble a cluster of Raspberry Pis mounted with this container technology running OpenFaas, which is a framework serverless very easy to use for your developments, if you are a developer. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @Hacksterio:

Happy weekend!

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