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This week has been an open secret for some, but there had to be a renewal. Even if they are small improvements, but they are always good avenues. The Raspberry Pi is six years old now, and a whole world has been generated thanks to it. As always, I will continue to report in your favorite weekly section of the Pi World. Let's go!.

Video of the week: NEW Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus + Overclock Benchmark Test 1.57Ghz!


  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Network Speed: We're going to meet tons of tests next week about the new Pi. Here's one of them and you can see the network really improve meaningfully. |


  • ODROID Magazine 03/18: We can not fail to comment on the news in our also beloved ODROID. In this month the magazine have an article about home automation with personal assistant included, a versus between the two sisters from HardKernel and continues with gaming emulating Sega Saturn. This and much more. You can download it in pdf or read it online, whichever you prefer. |

  • Celebrate Pi Day with these 9 Maker Share Projects: This week was also celebrated the world-famous Pi Day. I'll leave you with a few projects that might interest you if you like all this DIY stuff. |


  • A Comprehensive Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Benchmark: So I continue with the benchmarks of element14 and quite complete as you can see. By the way, if you want to know what power over Ethernet (POE) is all about, look at the HAT here |


  • Raspberry Pi 3B Plus Family Photo Update March 2018: And what would the Raspberry Pi be without a picture with all the family members. How it grows every year!. Good thing is they feed themselves (badum-tss!). |


  • MongoDB 3.2 (64 bit) running on Raspberry Pi 3 – with caveats: I hope Andy is happy with the new Pi 3B+ 64-bit Pi 3B+, since he couldn't theoretically run MongoDB on an operating system that didn't have it. |

I wanted to finish by saying that I hope to test the Raspberry Pi 3B+ that I have in my hands, but I was unable to find a power charger to feed it and I hope to have it soon. Watch out next week!.

Tweet of the week thanks to @ThePiHut:

Happy weekend!

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