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Summer: What a difficult time to perform any task other than beach, pool and outings with friends!... You can't keep a blog with all this pressure!. I have time now before I go to the pool to turn on the machines and print several links to distribute them around the Pi World. Let's go!

Build a Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster
  • All Commodore Amiga Games - Every Amiga Game In One Video: Almost seven and a half hours of what it seem to be, all the games on this computer that brings back many memories to me. It has nothing to do with the Pi, but at least you can emulate it without much difficulty with one of them. |


  • Internet of Karaoke Machines: Adapting an old Karaoke machine with a RPi is for pros. It would be best to plug the Pi into a TV, a microphone in your hand with some software to get it out to the speaker and it's done. |


  • Object detection withh Tensor Flow: Rpi + Tensor Flow + Webcam + OpenCV. What can go wrong? The bad news is, I've yet to find a role for it in any of my projects. I'll have to think more. |


  • 100W Solar panel || DIY or Buy: Well, you can watch the whole video, but I'll sum it up for you. You'd better buy it and make one yourself. You're welcome. |

  • CRUX-ARM 3.4 released: Crux ARM is a port of a distro called with the same name that tries it in this type of architecture and weighs very little. It is available for the Pine64, Cubieboard, ODROID XU4 and of course, the Raspberry Pi, among others. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @else3dy:

Happy summer vacation!

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