Running API Builder on Raspberry Pi Cluster using Docker Swarm

pi cluster

Great series of articles I saw a few months ago and now I want to comment on how to create an API from a cluster with 5 Raspberry PIs interconnected. A lot of experience but simple execution. I quickly define some of the terms for those who are not developers:

  • An API is a call, usually to a url or web address, from which we can execute a series of actions and receive a response in return.

  • A cluster is a set of computers that connect to each other for further processing thanks to their CPU and sometimes even using the power of the GPU.

  • Docker is a container-based technology that will set up a development environment without "messing up" your system too much.

I'm cheering up again with the blog. Let's see if I write long and hard about it. But now I leave you with the links of the article.


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