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Well, a new post was necessary to comment everything that happened last week in the Pi World. I know you miss me, so today we'll have an extra cheese with pepperoni and lots of raspberries. Let's go!

Video of the week: Raspberry Pi 4 - My First Look - Benchmarks - initial impressions Review
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Review with Benchmarks 2019: Great video review that starts with a user visiting a Micro Center store (I want one of those in Spain!) and shows us some facts about *Raspberry Pi 4. |


  • Buster – the new version of Raspbian: A couple of weeks have been advanced to the official Debian, but are already using the new version Buster that includes Chromium 74, Mesa V3D driver and many other new features that you can learn in the following link. |


  • Is 4 Gb The Limit For The Raspberry Pi 4?: Apparently there was a typo error in the manual that accompanies the RPi 4, where it specified that there was a version with 8 Gb of RAM. This has provoked several reactions although the foundation commented that it was no more than that, a printing error. Myth or reality? We have a new case for Mulder and Scully. |


  • RetroArch, runahead and Raspberry Pi 4 - the results are in: It seems that the new Pi is surprising almost everyone with its performance. In the world of retrogaming have been playing on some emulators with the option of RunAHead, which uses reduction and emulation of multiple frames to "eliminate" latency, including latency inherent in the original hardware. While we're at it, do you want to see the performance difference in RetroArch between Pi3 and 4? Access this pdf and don't panic. | libretro


  • Freezing A Raspberry Pi 4: We complain that the new Pi gets very hot, so this user literally puts the new plate in the freezer. Don't do it at home, but it works. These crazy experiments seem to be this user's passion, so we'll have to keep a close eye on what he's doing. |

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Review: The New Gold Standard for Single-Board Computing: I could not miss an article with a good handful of benchmarks and comparison with the younger sister Raspberry Pi 3B+. |


  • Raspberry Pi Storage Benchmarks 2019 + Benchmarking Script: We always have the question of what to use as a unit to store our operating system or those data we need to access quickly. I think it's the most valuable link I publish today. By the way, it's a good blog to follow closely. I can't help but recommend this guide to usb boot for SSD flash drives. You're welcome. |

Have you received your Raspberry Pi 4 yet? I'll read about it in the comments.

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