News this week in the Pi World!


We quickly moved on to the important thing cause I'm going on vacation and brought this post forward by one day. The Pi4 warms up in summer, and we all make an effort to keep it cool. In the meantime, new OS compatible with the new Pi and something about the Atomic Pi will also be seen in this Pi World summary. Let's get started!

Video of the week: ExplainingComputers > Raspberry Pi 4 Cooling


  • The Raspberry Pi 4 needs a fan, here's why and how you can add one: Pi gets hot, and we're not just talking about CPU. It's the complete board, so we're going to have to get a fan and connect it to the GPIO port and lower the temperature by about 20 degrees using the official case. Thanks Jeff. |

  • Using the Atomic Pi as a workbench computer: The Atomic Pi has become my Raspberry Pi 4. This article details how to create a case, add a USB port, SSD and Arduino Nano. It doesn't seem complicated at all, really. |


  • LibreELEC for Raspberry Pi 4: Kodi 18.3 for the brand new version of this OS. |

  • Raspberry Pi 4 iUniker Low Profile Heatsink/Fan Test - Review (Youtube): Not a week goes by in which some Youtuber does not test a cooler system for the Pi 4. The video of the week is dedicated to that but I could not stop commenting on the test offered by the channel ETA PRIME. |

  • Raspberry Pi 4 case (40mm fan) by John_Sinclair: I recommend a case for the Pi4 in case you want to incorporate a fan, which with these heat will be needed, unless you live in a *Bat Cave* like me. |


  • motionEyeOS pre-release for Raspberry Pi 4: motionEyeOS is a Linux distribution that turns your single board computer into a video surveillance system. | > ccrisan > motioneyeos

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