Connect to shared folders on Raspberry Pi from macOS using the AFP protocol


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We have many and varied ways to connect to a Pi to see-copy the files that are in it: ftp, scp, rsync, nfs, smb... But if you use macOS, you have available the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), which is a network protocol owned by Apple to "fight" against Samba or Network File System. If you have problems when configuring these last ones and you can't access your Raspberry files, today I propose you to configure it in 3 simple steps.

[ Install on Raspberry the package netatalk ]

Well, nothing is as simple as executing the following:

sudo apt install -y netatalk

[ Modify the file afp.conf ]

We open the file /etc/netatalk/afp.conf with our favorite editor and customize it removing the dot and commas ; from Home and basedir. Mine is like this:


Restart the service with sudo systemctl restart netatalk

[ Access from Finder in macOS ]

Now we can access from our Finder in two different ways: from the Terminal with the following command:

open afp:// <-- Change this with the IP from your Raspberry Pi


Another method is openning Finder, press Cmd+K (Connect to server) and write there the IP of our RPi. Click on Connect and... We will have access to our Pi from Finder!.

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