Today in mysteries to solve: DOSBox and the MacOS key mapping bug


My favorite game of all time

Lately I've been doing mini posts about problems that I stuck on a daily basis. I have some of them pretty dense that I don't finish, I hope to get the time and publish them to get rid of my backlog.

Today I come to solve the famous DOSBox problem with the key mapping in macOS.

The cover photo comes to mind, because Dungeon Crawlers players like Eye Of The Beholder (Did I tell you that is my favorite game?), we played with the number pad and the keys 7 and 9 made the character/group spin. Few are the keyboards that come with the numeric keypad, so you have to remap and the best thing is to assign new keys, for example WSAD to move and QE to rotate. In Windows/Linux you press inside DOSBox CTRL+F1 so that a layout with the keys appears on the screen where you can exchange them as you like.


Key mapping

It's supposed to be the same in macOS, but there is a bug that prevents using this key combination. The solution has been to use a fork called DOSBox-X that can run on any operating system (even Raspberry Pi!). You will have at your disposal the options to remapping.


All options without having to edit the dosbox.conf file

By the way, in order to change the settings to this application, you will have to create/rename/move in your user's root directory, the dosbox.conf file that you can find if you have DOSBox installed, in ~/Library/Preferences/DOSBox 0.74 Preferences (or the version you have installed).

Anyway, I leave you my mapping file for WSAD and QE if you are going to play some old school RPG and my dosbox.conf optimized (with spanish keyboard, you can change it anyway).

Link: >

Link: > dosbox.conf