News this week in the Pi World!


It's been a long time since I've spent time in this section that used to be quite regular. I know you miss it, but I stopped seeing so much interesting information and joined the little time I had, it was abandoned until I saw that this week I can make one more post about all the wonderful things that are happening in the Pi World... Let's go!

Video of the week: PI LAB > Raspbian XP for RPI4 minor improvements
  • **Ubuntu 20.04 SERVER for Raspberry Pi:** Yes, server, because I don't see any *desktop* version out there, although you can install the *ubuntu-desktop* package and everybody's happy. I'm looking forward to starting it up for the first time,... until I saw that there were many services loaded concerning the *Snap* packages and in total 214MB of RAM occupied... I think it's excessive to have a lightweight solutions for the Pi. For now I leave it there "parked", to see if I find some use for this distro.


  • **New Raspberry Pi OS Looks Like Windows XP:** I know I'm a little annoying about this *Youtube* channel, but it has everything I like: optimized emulators, you can see your favorite games on the Pi and sometimes show us gifts like this *Raspbian* modified distribution. It's like *WinXP or Win95* based environment for those of us who are nostalgic, and help for run games with Linux X86 architecture. If the channel *ETA Prime* among others are commenting about it, is that this Argentinean guy is doing very well his job. I'll follow his channel very closely, and you should too. I leave you with an article that was dedicated to him in *Toms's Hardware* below. | [tomshardware](


  • **$50 ODROID-C4 Raspberry Pi 4 Competitor Combines Amlogic S905X3 SoC with 4GB RAM:** An upgrade from the *C2* who wants to compete directly with the *RPi 4*. From the benchmarks I see, if you have the *XU4 or the C2* like me, it's not worth the investment. To set up a *NAS* and cryptography it does have very good scores and was a necessary upgrade. Maybe I'll buy one if it generates interest. | [](


  • **Batocera Raspberry Pi 4 - First 5.26 Build!:** This distribution has become my favorite and that of many others like me for the emulation of retro consoles and computers. It's a *beta* version for our Pi, but I've tried it and it's on the right path. | [](

I leave you with some articles that have been around for a while, but I thought it would be interesting to share them:

  • **Network Booting The Pi 4:** Honestly, I've been with a Pi for years and I've never had a chance to try booting an operating system over the network. Now that it's hard to do it from the Pi4, I see the challenge and I'd like to try it out. These are the steps I'm going to take. Are you as excited as I am? | [](

  • **How To Run TensorFlow Lite on Raspberry Pi for Object Detection:** You can use a Pi 3-4. It comes with guides and works with *Raspbian*. Looks pretty easy, don't you think? | [](

Twitter of the week thanks to [@TipsRaspberry](

Happy weekend!