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It's been a long time since I've spent time in this section that used to be quite regular. I know you miss it, but I stopped seeing so much interesting information and joined the little time I had, it was abandoned until I saw that this week I can make one more post about all the wonderful things that are happening in the Pi World... Let's go!

Video of the week: PI LAB > Raspbian XP for RPI4 minor improvements
  • Ubuntu 20.04 SERVER for Raspberry Pi: Yes, server, because I don't see any desktop version out there, although you can install the ubuntu-desktop package and everybody's happy. I'm looking forward to starting it up for the first time,... until I saw that there were many services loaded concerning the Snap packages and in total 214MB of RAM occupied... I think it's excessive to have a lightweight solutions for the Pi. For now I leave it there "parked", to see if I find some use for this distro.


  • New Raspberry Pi OS Looks Like Windows XP: I know I'm a little annoying about this Youtube channel, but it has everything I like: optimized emulators, you can see your favorite games on the Pi and sometimes show us gifts like this Raspbian modified distribution. It's like WinXP or Win95 based environment for those of us who are nostalgic, and help for run games with Linux X86 architecture. If the channel ETA Prime among others are commenting about it, is that this Argentinean guy is doing very well his job. I'll follow his channel very closely, and you should too. I leave you with an article that was dedicated to him in Toms's Hardware below. | tomshardware


  • $50 ODROID-C4 Raspberry Pi 4 Competitor Combines Amlogic S905X3 SoC with 4GB RAM: An upgrade from the C2 who wants to compete directly with the RPi 4. From the benchmarks I see, if you have the XU4 or the C2 like me, it's not worth the investment. To set up a NAS and cryptography it does have very good scores and was a necessary upgrade. Maybe I'll buy one if it generates interest. |


  • Batocera Raspberry Pi 4 - First 5.26 Build!: This distribution has become my favorite and that of many others like me for the emulation of retro consoles and computers. It's a beta version for our Pi, but I've tried it and it's on the right path. |

I leave you with some articles that have been around for a while, but I thought it would be interesting to share them:

  • Network Booting The Pi 4: Honestly, I've been with a Pi for years and I've never had a chance to try booting an operating system over the network. Now that it's hard to do it from the Pi4, I see the challenge and I'd like to try it out. These are the steps I'm going to take. Are you as excited as I am? |

  • How To Run TensorFlow Lite on Raspberry Pi for Object Detection: You can use a Pi 3-4. It comes with guides and works with Raspbian. Looks pretty easy, don't you think? |

Twitter of the week thanks to @TipsRaspberry:

Happy weekend!