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Today I updated the blog with the news that are happening, and little by little they are getting together so I can comment them here. I'm also going to be a little busy with new projects, both professional and personal (you'll find out). So I won't make you wait any longer: take off your shoes, disinfect your hands and make yourself comfortable. Pi World begins!...

Video of the week: PiKISS installs today... L'Abbaye des Morts
  • New Youtube channel: Yes, I've been updating my project for several weeks now and I'm going to upload videos to show you how easy it is to install software with PiKISS. I'll be uploading a couple of videos or three every week. I hope you like it and as the Youtubers say,... Subscribe to the channel and hit the bell! | Youtube > PiKISS

  • Boot from USB with Raspberry Pi 4 goes stable:: We've seen many guides to this already. In my personal experience, from a simple USB pendrive I have had no problems, but an SSD needing more power, it has been impossible to make it work unless you have a hub with a power adapter. Important to download the files from the /boot directory on this branch and copy it to your /boot. I even made a script on macOS to automate everything.

  • Pinn OS updated: PINN is an enhancement of NOOBS. It's a multi OS loader and now supports USB boot from Raspberry Pi 4. | > pinn


  • The MagPi - Issue 95: With interesting articles as always: Build your own game console, build an MS-DOS emulator with DOSBox-X, Piano-Playing Robot,... |


  • Twister OS Version 1.2 Update: Fixed an issue where the "Contacts" app would not appear in the application menu, replaced the login screen for the Nighthawk theme with a new one that can scale to different display resolutions, updated the login screen for the iRaspbian theme, replaced the Slingscold application launcher with LightPad, which fixes an issue with launching terminal-based apps and updated the README. |


  • MKVToolNix - Matroska tools for Raspberry Pi OS: I can't believe this mkv Swiss army knife is available for Raspberry OS. It even has its own repository. |
Windows 98se Raspberry Pi 4. Dosbian 486DX. Progress Update.


  • Dosbian, A 486DX machine in the palm of your hand: Dosbian is the first Raspberry Pi distro totally dedicated to the DOS world. It boots straight to Dosbox, from there, you can install whatever you want and building your retro-pc. |


  • Digital RPi LED Thermometer: Instructions on how to assemble a beautiful thermometer for your salon using a Raspberry Pi Zero W. |

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Happy weekend!