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Today I updated the blog with the news that are happening, and little by little they are getting together so I can comment them here. I'm also going to be a little busy with new projects, both professional and personal (you'll find out). So I won't make you wait any longer: take off your shoes, disinfect your hands and make yourself comfortable. **Pi World** begins!...

Video of the week: PiKISS installs today... L'Abbaye des Morts
  • **New Youtube channel:** Yes, I've been updating my project for several weeks now and I'm going to upload videos to show you how easy it is to install software with [PiKISS]( I'll be uploading a couple of videos or three every week. I hope you like it and as the Youtubers say,... **Subscribe to the channel and hit the bell!** | [Youtube > PiKISS](

  • **Boot from USB with Raspberry Pi 4 goes stable:**: We've seen many guides to this already. In my personal experience, from a simple *USB* pendrive I have had no problems, but an *SSD* needing more power, it has been impossible to make it work unless you have a hub with a power adapter. Important to download the files from the */boot* directory on [this branch]( and copy it to your */boot*. I even made a script on *macOS* to automate everything.

  • **Pinn OS updated:** PINN is an enhancement of *NOOBS*. It's a multi OS loader and now supports **USB boot from Raspberry Pi 4**. | [ > pinn](


  • **The MagPi - Issue 95:** With interesting articles as always: Build your own game console, build an MS-DOS emulator with DOSBox-X, Piano-Playing Robot,... | [](


  • **Twister OS Version 1.2 Update:** Fixed an issue where the "Contacts" app would not appear in the application menu, replaced the login screen for the *Nighthawk* theme with a new one that can scale to different display resolutions, updated the login screen for the *iRaspbian* theme, replaced the *Slingscold* application launcher with *LightPad*, which fixes an issue with launching terminal-based apps and updated the *README*. | [](


  • **MKVToolNix - Matroska tools for Raspberry Pi OS:** I can't believe this *mkv* Swiss army knife is available for *Raspberry OS*. It even has its own repository. | [](
Windows 98se Raspberry Pi 4. Dosbian 486DX. Progress Update.


  • **Dosbian, A 486DX machine in the palm of your hand:** *Dosbian* is the first *Raspberry Pi* distro totally dedicated to the *DOS* world. It boots straight to *Dosbox*, from there, you can install whatever you want and building your retro-pc. | [](


  • **Digital RPi LED Thermometer:** Instructions on how to assemble a beautiful thermometer for your salon using a *Raspberry Pi Zero W*. | [](

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Happy weekend!