News this week in the Pi World!


Today I set out to find out how long it takes to create a list of all the interesting links that have happened over the past 7 days on the *Raspberry Pi*. Don't waste any more time... Let the **Pi World** begin!...

Video of the week: Pi Labs > Let's try PiKISS on TwisterOS!! it's awesome!!


  • **Super Mario 64 native on Raspberry Pi 4:** So if I ever want to play *Super Mario 64*, I don't have to look for a *Nintendo 64* emulator anymore. It goes great on a *Raspberry Pi 4*. I recommend to lower the resolution to *720p* (In the video I use a *"weird"* resolution of 1440x960) to avoid the sync lag that you see in the video. I'm working on a version with high quality textures and on the other hand, a version that can run without X environment. | [Youtube](

  • I wanted to thank you for the good reception that the *YouTube* channel has had and especially to *Salva*, the [Pi Labs]( channel owner for publishing the video. I also don't want to become a *Youtuber*, just to show you how easy it is to install software with *PiKISS*. Although I will continue to upload videos on this topic, my goal now is to continue with the operating system for **Raspberry Pi 4 based on Alpine** called [alpinOS](, although I want to give it another focus. Stay tuned!.

  • **Raspberry Pi SBC Now Supports OpenVX 1.3 Computer Vision API:** OpenVX is an open, royalty-free API standard for cross-platform acceleration of computer vision applications developed by The Khronos Group that also manages the popular OpenGL ES, Vulkan, and OpenCL standards. After OpenGL ES 3.1 conformance for Raspberry Pi 4, and good progress on the Vulkan implementation, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has now announced that both Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 Model B SBC's had achieved OpenVX 1.3 conformance. Check the complete article at [](


  • **Mycroft: The Open Source Private Voice Assistant On Raspberry Pi:** I've already talked about *Mycroft* [here]( and it's been a long time since it was a project at *Kickstarter* back in 2015. This virtual assistant has available a downloadable image of its operating system so you can see the capabilities it has. | [](


  • **Mini 'Gaming pc' nails the look, streams the games:** Adorable to more powerless and cucky as my daughter says. I don't know why I like minimalist, miniaturized designs of anything so much. And if it's got our favorite board in it, that's all we can ask for. | [](


  • **Adding PCIe to your Raspberry pi 4, the easier way:** And another interesting project in hackaday this week related to *Raspberry Pi*. My head exploded when I saw that this is possible, although it's not something that just "anyone" can do. | [](


  • **CHUWI LarkBox World's Smallest 4K Mini PC:** I've been a patron of this project from its earliest hours. It is not the best of the *SBC* based *x86* on the market, but the quality/price ratio deserves that I support the project. Besides, with the updates or achievements, we have already got a small power supply and now it is on the way to give away a pretty cool wireless keyboard if they reach $800K. | [](

  • **Someone ask Linus Torvalds about developing into a Raspberry Pi:** Come on, he didn't like it and I get it, really. Although Pi 4 I think it's quite an improvement. I have to try [VSCodium]( to see how it goes... | [](


  • **WindowsFX for Raspberry Pi:** If you like the aesthetics of Windows, apart from *TwisterOS* you have another distribution that literally clones its entire look. The web is Portuguese, but I think the distro is in English and Spanish too. | [](

  • **FenixOS for Raspberry Pi:** Well, it's the fashion after *Pi Labs* had so much success with their *operational system*. It also imitates other versions of Windows. | [](

Twitter of the week thanks to [@TipsRaspberry](

Happy weekend!

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